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Abuse Prevention Programme

In an attempt to reduce the scale of the problem, the centre has developed and implemented an education programme that aims to inform the community about child and women abuse, what can be done to prevent it and what help is available to victims.   This programme lays out norms for acceptable behaviour and informs people where to go for help should these boundaries be breached.   Information is also given as to ways to avoid abuse, how to protect themselves against abuse and how to use the law for protection should that be needed.

The programme aims to encourage social behaviour and customs – based on respect and responsibility – which protect children from sexual abuse and violence.   This programme includes the following strategies:

  • After School programme based at the centre.
    This is a collaborative programme with the City of Cape Town, Sport and Recreation, and schools in the surrounding area.  The programme aims to keep children safe after school and provide an environment for learning and recreation with adults who provide a good role model. One hundred and twenty (120) children are currently enrolled in this programme.
  • Child abuse workshops and lectures in schools which involve interactive lessons for school children which help them understand what abuse is, strategies to prevent it and where to go for help.    A framework for behaviour is also given whereby children learn what is appropriate social behaviour, the need to have respect and consideration for others as well as their own rights and responsibilities.
  • Workshops for teachers on abuse recognition and how to obtain help for the abused child.  (In addition to a surprising lack of information on the subject, many teachers have been abused themselves and are reluctant to open old wounds by recognising abuse in their pupils.
  • Radio talk-ins – The centre has a relationship with a local community radio station, Radio Zibonele, which provides the centre with regular slots for talk-in programmes.