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Ashley’s Story

Ashley Kaimowitz first came to the Nonceba Conselling Centre when she was just 16, as part of her school’s outreach programme.  She was so distressed by the plight of the children that she vowed to do whatever she could to help raise awareness of the problem and to help boost the fundraising efforts to build the new centre.  She persuaded her grandparents in America to sponsor her to make a movie, which she then showed wherever she could, to raise awareness of child sexual abuse.  When the opportunity arose for her to go to Japan as a Rotary exchange student, she took her movie with her and even managed to have it shown on National television.

She was a remarkable young lady; talented, committed and with a huge social conscience. Tragically, her young life was cut short by a drunk driver at the age of 19.  Devastated, her parents and friends took up the challenge to help raise money to build the new centre in her memory and in 2008, a new facility was opened.   Her father, Jeffrey Kaimovitz is the deputy chairman of the Trustees and is also responsible for all fundraising, a role he does in a voluntary capacity and with great passion.  He has made it his life’s work to fulfil his daughter’s dream of ensuring a place of refuge for the township children.To watch Ashley’s video: click here 

Rotary decided to honour her memory by establishing an Ashley Kaimovitz Award for youngsters who have made a difference in their community.  Ashley’s abiding legacy is the example she has set for other young people, proving that no matter how young you are, you can make a difference.  To find out more about this scheme, visit the Rotary website.  click here

THE ASHLEY AWARD is a project for Rotary Clubs, Corporate Companies and businesses alike that champion the inspirational story of ASHLEY KAIMOWITZ  by recognising young people involved in works  and projects which benefit those less fortunate in our world.  The simple details of the ASHLEY AWARD are as follows :-

1.    Each Rotary Club, Corporate or business is autonomous.
2.    The award will be titled, ‘THE ASHLEY AWARD’.
3.    The criteria for the award will be to recognise, celebrate, create and guide young people who perform deeds to help communities.
4.    Each organisation will determine, the value of the award and whether it is given to an individual or to the cause being  championed.
5.    Each recipient will receive a certificate.

There is no central adjudication, however the Ashley Award Administration hopes that they will be advised of recipients with a brief narrative. The award scheme is simple and by accessing the inspirational story of Ashley Kaimowitz at  and at the Nonceba Centre at <>   we hope to attract young people to help communities.

Rotary project coordinator Past President Don Peters                          email: