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Child Victim Support Programme

The aim of this project is to provide assistance, support and protection to children aged 0 –18 who have been sexual abused.

This is done by:

  • Identifying child victims of sexual abuse via direct reporting at the centre, education abuse prevention programme and referrals from other agencies.
  • Provision of counselling to victims and their families
  • Interventions to ensure child’s safety and prevent repeat of abuse which includes the provision of safe house accommodation for “at risk” children
  • Court support to assist prosecution of perpetrators

 The purpose of this is to enable children to recover from the trauma of sexual abuse and prevent re-abuse by prosecuting or removing perpetrators.  This results in:

  • Healing of the child from the trauma of abuse
  • Improved ability of the abused child to cope with school and social situations
  • Functioning families are re-built through counselling
  • Child has strategies and support to help him/her prevent recurrence of the abuse
  • Healing of victims through support from other victims
  • Effective court preparation leading to successful prosecution of offenders
  • Prevention of repeat abuse by counselling of offenders

 The Counselling Programme involves:

  • Individual counselling for victims
  • Counselling for the families of victims
  • Support to prosecute the perpetrators
  • Court preparation and support for victims
  • Victim support groups
  • Support Groups for families

Counselling to Abused Women

This programme has now been extended to assist women who have been victims of domestic violence, in particular women who have children who share the abusive environment.

Professional Staff provide therapeutic counselling services are provided for women who have survived incidents of crime and trauma (rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, etc). The Centre provides support with accessing medical, psychological and legal advice. Survivors are prepared and supported for the court process.   Families of survivors are counselled and supported.

Re-integration Services. Planning for reintegration into the community forms part of clinical interventions and ‘care pathway’ for clients. This managed by our clinical staff.   Family counselling is essential to reintegration.