021 364 0135 admin@nonceba.org


Nonceba Family Counselling Centre is a registered charity with Trust and Npo status dedicated to helping children who have been sexually abused.   The following are the administrative & contact details of the organisation: Nonceba Centre Trust.

Physical Address:

29 Tanga Street,
Khayelitsha, 7748

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 41
Nonkqubela, 7793

Legal Status of the Organization Registered Trust –IT 1660/99

Registered NPO- 012-986 NPO
Registered with Sangoco – WC 5237
Registered for Donations Tax Exemption- No 930018231
Tax reference number for The Nonceba Trust – Ref. no. 0181/546/14/4.

Banking Details:

Account Name: Name: Nonceba Family Counselling Centre
A/c No.: 9064529724
Bank: ABSA
Branch code:63-20-05

Contact Details:

Pauline Perez Manager
Tel: 021 364 0135
Fax: 021 361 0323
e.mail – admin@nonceba.org

Auditor’s Details:
Name of Auditor: MSI Nolands

Tel: 021 658 6600
Contact: Alan Mundell
VAT registered no. 4050231432.