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Nonceba, which means ‘concern’ in Xhosa was established in 1997.

The lack of effective community emergency intervention facilities, including an over-burdened police force and an under-resourced state welfare system results in delays in response to the high burden of child abuse and domestic violence experienced in the area. Sexual abuse and violence strips women and children of their dignity, the ability to respond quickly and appropriately is essential in stabilizing survivors and supporting the healing process. The need for immediate, appropriate intervention prompted the establishment of The Nonceba Centre Trust.

Starting from very humble beginnings, the centre started in 1997 as a two-room consulting practice run by volunteers from the community with professional and financial support from some concerned citizens and Rotary. In 2008, the organization received a major financial boost for the building of a new centre. We moved into our own purpose built centre with a children’s safe house, abused women’s shelter, counselling suite, training facilities, community hall and offices.   Great strides have been made in reducing sexual abuse of children in the area immediately surrounding Nonceba.   Now we have the capacity to reach thousands more. The new centre hosts a therapeutic counseling clinic with five consulting rooms and a therapeutic play therapy room. In addition, the new centre accommodates a residential safe house, able to accommodate 45 women and children.  The Nonceba Trust Centre is hailed as a landmark building.

To understand the problem facing Nonceba, watch the video below made by Ashley Kaimovitz. 16-year-old Ashley made this video following a visit to the centre with her schools outreach programme which broke her heart.  Her video says it all. To read about Ashley and her legacy click here.

 No child should have to endure what these children endure.