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Safe Houses


Temporary, secure and safe accommodation is provided for children who have been removed via statutory process (Department of Social Development, Department of Health, and Department of Justice).   Housemothers are employed to supervise the social, living space of the children while the Clinical team provides therapeutic intervention. The accommodation aims to be a friendly, safe and homely place that is conducive to healing of traumatized children and abused women.  Average length of stay is 3 – 6 months.


Temporary, secure and safe accommodation is provided to women, and women and their children who have survived incidents of domestic violence and human trafficking. Therapeutic counselling is provided by the clinical team.    Average length of stay is 3 months.

Residents at the centre can access all the other services offered by Nonceba which include :-

  • Counselling
  • Play therapy
  • Court Support
  • Hospital and clinic visits
  • Stimulating and educational programs on life skills.
  • Individual, group and family counselling services.
  • Victim Empowerment groups for victims of domestic violence